All of Junker Queen’s abilities in Overwatch 2

It's time to whet your ax.

The Junker Queen stands in front of the Junker Town sign.
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The Junker Queen is coming to Overwatch 2 and she’s making sure her presence is known. She was first introduced as a voice NPC on the Overwatch map Junkertown. For the sequel, she’s coming back as a playable character with a new kit, new voice lines, and more. She’ll be available to play in the next beta, which begins on June 28.

Junker Queen is an aggressive tank who focuses on short-range damage and excels at one-on-one combat. She can pull enemies away from her teammates or flank behind the opposing team to take out their most vulnerable members. Like all tanks in Overwatch 2, she has ample crowd control abilities to make the most of the mayhem. Perhaps most surprisingly, she also has some support capabilities and is great at weakening enemies for others to pick off.

Here are all of Junker Queen’s abilities in Overwatch 2.

Primary Fire: Scattergun

Junker Queen’s primary fire is Scattergun, a pump-action shotgun that specializes in attacking enemies up close. Players who have played Roadhog (another Junkertown resident) or Reaper will be familiar with the way shotguns work in the Overwatch universe. Because she’s a tank, her direct damage output likely won’t be as high as that of a damage hero, but she can still use it to dish out some pain.

Secondary fire: Jagged Blade

The Queen’s secondary fire is known as Jagged Blade. When activated, she throws the blade as a skill shot. If the blade hits an enemy, it sticks to them, after which she can recall the knife and pull the stuck enemy a short distance toward herself.

If Junker Queen uses a quick melee attack, rather than punching, she’ll swipe her blade in front of her. It does slightly more damage than a standard melee and wounds the enemy it hits. Wounded enemies receive damage over time.

Passive: Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush allows Junker Queen to heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds. Several of her abilities, including Jagged Blade, Carnage, and Rampage, wound enemies, causing them to take damage over time; as they do, the Queen is healed. This ability puts her in line with other tanks and makes her a formidable wall on the battlefield.

Commanding Shout

Commanding Shout is a support-esque ability that grants buffs to nearby allies. When used, Junker Queen increases her own health by 200 and close-by allies’ health by 100. The ability also increases movement speed by 30 percent, which enables her to maneuver more easily and take out enemies quickly. Commanding Shout is best used within a large group of allies to maximize the buff.


The Scattergun isn’t Junker Queen’s only weapon. When Carnage is activated, she swings a large ax in an arc in front of herself. All enemies hit are wounded and take damage over time. When combined with direct damage dealt by allies, Carnage is a great way to clear an area and take out foes quickly.

Ultimate: Rampage

Junker Queen’s ultimate is known as Rampage. After activating the ability, the Queen will start rapidly swinging her ax before rushing forward in a straight line. Any enemies hit by the whirlwind will be wounded, meaning they’ll take damage over time. Struck enemies also receive an anti-heal debuff for a short period of time. Overwatch 2’s developers noted in the game’s reveal event that Rampage is best used to blast through large groups of enemies.

During the reveal event, the developers also revealed a few other tidbits about her, including the capability for self-healing. Interested fans will be able to give Junker Queen a spin when she launches in the upcoming PvP beta on June 28.

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