Zyra and Malzahar Nerfs Coming in Patch 7.3

The two AP champions are seeing nerfs in the next patch. Those nerfs concern Zyra's plants and Malzahar's Voidlings.

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Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, a constant force on the League of Legends message boards who answers players questions regarding upcoming changes to the game, has answered questions concerning a couple of champions in the game.


“We’re going to take some power out of Zyra in 7.3. The main change is that her plants won’t auto target nearby enemy champions who haven’t just been hit by one of Zyra’s spells anymore (they currently do so up to 350 range).”

Currently Zyra is seen as a top tier support with only Miss Fortune as known hard counter to her in competitive play, so the news is sure to be welcome for players and pros alike.

She is an AP support that offers crowd control, as well as high potential burst and sustain damage if her plants are activated by her abilities. Her main weaknesses are that she has little mobility and is squishy. However, in her current state she can easily out-damage many champions in every role. Nerfing her plants wauto-targetting functionality will lower her sustain and poke, making her a little easier to deal with.


“We’ve got some Malz stuff in 7.3 (probably) as well. Current things in testing:

  • Voidlings spawn after a short delay, rather than instantly.
  • Voidlings gradually slow down based off distance from Malz (no slow until more than 600 units away).”

    The news is welcome to the community, Malazahar is a champion that has shot up in the power rankings in the support role due to his harass and early game potential becoming too much to deal with for some Marksmen. 

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