YouTuber creates free version of Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo in hours

Logan Paul better get that development moving.

Screengrab via Yipy on YouTube

For those who have been living under a rock for the last month, the internet was set ablaze after YouTube investigator Coffeezilla released a three-part video series about Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo “game.” One of the big accusations Coffeezilla and others had for CryptoZoo was that for all intents and purposes, it did not work in a variety of ways. Now, another YouTuber has made virtually the same game in a matter of hours, all for free.

YouTuber Yipy posted a video on YouTube yesterday where they showed off their new animal breeding game called RealZoo. In the video announcing the project, Yipy details how Logan Paul’s project should have gone, taking notes on game features and marketing tactics. Yipy claims to have remade Logan’s entire project in under three hours, all with much more detailed hybrids as well.

The game works almost exactly the same as Logan’s was supposed to, with players able to spend an in-game currency to hatch eggs. These eggs give the player an animal, with multiple animals being able to be bred for different combinations.

Where the two games differ is that Logan Paul’s game required players to spend real money or cryptocurrency to unlock those eggs, and Yipy’s is free. Where Logan’s game would cost about $300 per egg, Yipy gives players enough coins after creating an account that they can get up to nine of them without spending a cent. While players can buy coins to help support hosting costs, the entire game can be played for free.

The video has already received over 150,000 views on YouTube, and Yipy has stated that he would be open to further developing this into an actual game. He floats the idea of allowing the cards to battle one another, in the same vein as Pokemon or Clash Royale.

Yipy finishes the video with a clip of Logan Paul claiming that development on CryptoZoo is still occurring, as it has been for the last year. Yipy’s response is succinct: “It took me hours to make the game.”


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