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YouTube Gaming executive shares guidelines for creators broadcasting Fortnite’s The Rift Tour

The event will host music from pop sensation Ariana Grande.

Fortnite Ariana Grande
Image via Epic Games

With pop superstar Ariana Grande set to host a string of virtual performances within Fortnite, head of YouTube Gaming Ryan Wyatt has shared information for creators who want to stream the event on the platform without fearing any copyright infringement.

Thanks to the protocols put in place, there will be no monetization restrictions for those who follow the rules for the first seven days after the event and no takedown notifications will be issued.

The guidelines for creators to host content from the Rift Tour onto their channel are simple for creators to follow and will nullify many of the issues that musical events similar to this have caused in the past.

To monetize content for The Rift Tour, creators will need to ensure that they have linked their YouTube account to their Fortnite account through the Support-A-Creator system. Once it’s time to upload content to your channel, you’ll need to make sure that it is listed as either public or unlisted as if left on private it could still receive a monetization claim.

Those who aren’t a part of Fortnite’s Support-A-Creator project will still be able to share their experience from The Rift Tour, but they won’t be able to monetize the content.

Epic also listed guidelines for streaming the event on Twitch in a blog post.