Worlds 2016: H2What? H2K

A recap of the match from day five of Worlds 2016 between ahq esports club of the LMS and H2k-Gaming of the EU LCS.

This is your eSportsNation Daily Brief for Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A recap of the match from day five of Worlds 2016 between ahq esports club of the LMS and H2k-Gaming of the EU LCS.

Here is a recap of what happened:

AHQ                                            H2K

TOP: Rumble                                Jayce

JNG: Rek’Sai                                 Elise

MID: Lissandra                              Ryze

ADC: Sivir                                     Caitlyn

SUP: Karma                                  Alistar

BANS: Syndra/Olaf/Nidalee/Twisted Fate/Tahm Kench/Malzahar

H2K, the last hope of the EU LCS (pending a miracle for Splyce of Group D in tomorrow’s matchups), looked to cement their place in the last-eight by taking a win against AHQ.

The start of the game was slow, with no one really looking to make the aggressive play to take first blood. All lanes were unable to secure any kills, with H2K securing a small CS and gold lead by the 10-minute mark.

After H2K secured dragon, it looked like AHQ was going to secure first blood after some aggressive play. However, it would be H2K who secured first blood just before the 14-minute mark. 

AHQ looked like they would be able to secure a win up in the top lane, however, H2K came out of the trade with a two-for-two and summoners down for AHQ’s mid lane, all while securing the top lane tower and first tower in the game.

After dancing in the dragon pit, H2K played around the positioning of this AHQ team and took their second dragon of the game. Their gold lead rose to a substantial 3000 at this time in the game.

With AHQ able to capitalise on a silly position by H2K’s top laner, AHQ tried to push for a tower but needed to back off with the pushing pressure from H2K in the middle, which was far more concerning in this matchup.

AHQ looked into darkness as H2K denied any vision and took control of a macro play EU has been missing since week one. Even with this, AHQ was slowly closing the gold gap that H2K had set up throughout the game. But, H2K was then able to solo steal a dragon under the nose of AHQ.

Some beautiful play around the Baron saw H2k take out huge waves of the AHQ team after a perfect Ryze ultimate, but suddenly, AHQ stole Baron from H2K with a Karma Q.

This cut H2K’s gold gap substantially, has they were now only ahead by 2000 gold while three members of AHQ had a Baron buff. You could see that H2K was after a fight, after revenge and they found it at the 33-minute mark to open the door into the mid lane. H2K took the first inhibitor of the game after earning two kills and a dragon.

After securing another tower up top, H2K looked like they were going after Baron, but instead, they turned it into a team fight in AHQ’s jungle to take a two-for-one. H2K went back to base before waltzing down the rift to take another kill and secure a clean Baron.

H2K looked to take it slow and precise, chipping away at AHQ and their base. Playing safely and cautiously to secure a second inhibitor as AHQ looked to fight for the final time, H2K deleted AHQ to take a much needed win, keeping their hopes of advancing alive. 

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