Winter Summoner’s Rift Revealed

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. Get your woolly hats and mittens, the Summoner's Rift is going to be getting cold.

With Christmas coming up, many League of Legends fans will be saving up their hard earned cash to buy the winter themed skins (I know I will). Not only will the winter skins become available again (as they do every year), but Summoner’s Rift will be getting a design to fit the season.

League of Legends took to Twitter to reveal their work-in-progress of this year’s winter Summoner’s Rift:

The map design includes all of your favourite League of Legends orientated additions, such as Baron wearing its intimidating woolly hat. Not only this, but the map appears to be littered with Poro and unopened presents. From what is shown, the Summoner’s Rift is going to look pretty festive.

Whether or not a new festive game type will be released is unclear. We may just get stuck with the Poro King for a few weeks, which isn’t all that bad. It’s just good to see Riot Games getting into the Christmas spirit, and putting some effort into making the holiday season more than just a sale and a game type. Keep your eyes peeled for more festive-themed releases from League of Legends.

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Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports journalist for GAMURS and can be reached on Twitter @mrjordanap.