Is Apex Legends going to get a ranked system?

Even the pros are asking for it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Whether you’re the champion every game or you struggle to get a kill, it’s hard to know how you stack up against the competition in Apex Legends. With no universal scoreboard or ranking system, the only way you can judge opponents is by their gamer card, which reveals stats like kills, damage dealt, and other information. But who’s the No. 1 Apex player right now?

There’s no way to know for sure who’s the very best in Apex at the moment. For now, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t released any information about bringing a ranked system to the new battle royale. But leakers believe Apex may be closer to a ranked system than Call of Duty.

Just two days after Apex was released, a Twitter user found some interesting code in the game files. Under profile.cfg, there are two lines that mention “rankedplay.” Specifically, the lines of code are “rankedplay_display_enabled ‘0’” and “rankedplay_voice_enabled ‘0.’” Some think this confirms ranked play is coming to Apex, while others believe its just leftover code from Titanfall 2.

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Ultimately, it’s unclear right now if Apex will get a proper ranking system, but it’s safe to say nearly everyone wants one. Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm has mentioned several times how he would like to see ranked modes added into Apex. According to DrDisrespect, no other battle royale has successfully implemented a ranked system. Will Apex be the first?