When will Call of Duty: Mobile season 13 begin?

New modes, maps, weapons, and more are coming.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 13, called Winter War, is almost here.

The season 13 content update is a huge one. It will bring new maps, modes, weapons, battle pass, rank series, and much more to the mobile game.

The new modes include Grind and the Cookie Confirmed mode. In Grind, players drop military cards on being killed. Players have to collect these cards in this five-vs-five mode and return it to a designated area. The Cookie Confirmed mode, on the other hand, is similar to Kill Confirmed with the only difference being that players drop gingerbread men on being taken down.

The new maps are Black Ops 4’s Nuketown Russia and Raid Holiday. Old fans of CoD: Mobile will be familiar with Raid Holiday as it dropped into the game last year. The Raid map has received a winter theme to it.

The new weapons are an assault rifle and an SMG. The assault rifle is the Peacekeeper MK2 while the SMG is the QXR. Both will be unlockable for free through the battle pass or seasonal event.

When will Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 13 begin?

The new season will begin on Dec. 21 at 6pm CT, Activision confirmed today. But the content update for the new season should drop before that.