When does WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic release?

It'll be here faster than you might expect.

Image via Blizzard

Blizzard this week unveiled plans to continue with its World of Warcraft Classic era content by moving into Wrath of the Lich King once Burning Crusade Classic has reached its conclusion. 

While TBC Classic still has another entire tier’s worth of content yet to be released, the developer thought now was the perfect time to confirm plans to go to Northrend. The announcement came in tandem with Blizzard revealing details for the newest retail WoW expansion, Dragonflight.

Blizzard did not announce an exact release date for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, but the developer’s trailer for the legacy content expansion indicated that it will come sometime this year.

TBC originally launched in January 2007 and WotLK came out in November 2008, close to two years later. For comparison, TBC Classic was released in June 2021. This means that no matter when WotLK Classic comes out this year, it will be at a faster pace than when it was originally released.

This abbreviated timeline for Classic era content isn’t particularly surprising, though. As Blizzard has realized since it started its legacy server efforts, modern-era players are rolling through the game’s content at a significantly faster clip than they did when it was released due to the wide breadth of information available to players nowadays.

Blizzard is also yet to release information about dates for beta testing of WotLK Classic. But players can opt-in to the beta by going to the game’s website and logging into their Battle.net account.