When does League of Legends’ Clash global beta begin?

The action kicks off this December.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans will get a taste of what it’s like to be a pro this holiday season.

Riot designer Jon “IAmWalrus” Moorman revealed a global beta launch of the popular Clash tournament mode on the Dev Corner today. Clash was tested across multiple regions to catch any bugs or gameplay issues and it’s now ready to ship worldwide.

Although it’s easy to be optimistic about Clash, the game mode has been a headache for Riot and players in the past. After numerous issues, Clash went back to the drawing board for nearly a year. But extensive testing across multiple regions may have brightened Clash’s future.

When does the global beta begin?

The Clash global beta, which Riot claims to be its “biggest yet,” will take place over two weekends during the holiday season. Clash hits all regions simultaneously from Dec. 7 to 8, followed by Dec. 14 to 15.

How do you earn tickets to compete?

The ticketing system is making a comeback. 

“We’ll also be using the ticketing system, meaning players will need to unlock Basic Tickets through missions, the Clash website, or with Blue Essence in order to compete,” Riot said.

Riot introduced tickets to make games high-stakes, while also ensuring that all teams take the commitment seriously.

When will Clash officially launch?

The Clash global beta will be the last testing period prior to an official launch in 2020. Riot will have a clear idea of what was successful and what needs improvement after the beta. After some adjustments to fix any potential issues, Riot will then launch Clash a “few months” into next year.