When does Apex Legends’ season 2 Battle Charge end?

There are many weeks until Battle Charge is over.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ second season has been going on for a while. It’s Battle Charge, which came to replace the game’s debut season, Wild Frontier. New items, such as a character and weapon skins, are already in the game, along with new emotes to use while jumping off the dropship and other cosmetics.

Season two started on July 2 and Respawn has confirmed that it’ll go on for three months, just like Wild Frontier. An in-game countdown timer says the season ends on Sept. 30, but Respawn has yet to announce the exact time.

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Players in season two can still choose between ranking up a free or through a premium Battle Pass. Those who prefer the free version have fewer rewards and a slower progress in comparison to the premium version. Players can pay 950 Apex Coins for the premium pass, just like in season one. This will grant a wide range of cosmetics for players who go up the pass’ tiers and complete daily and weekly challenges.

Season two features a new kind of experience point called STARS, which is unique to track a player’s Battle Pass progression. This is what players get from playing matches and completing challenges instead of the standard XP points.

Apex players should expect everything from Battle Charge to be exclusive to season two. Any cosmetic item from the Battle Pass is unlikely returning to the game in the item shop to be sold separately, if Respawn follows the same model that Epic Games does with Fortnite. If you want a cosmetic item from season two, it’s safer to get the Battle Pass and rank it up than hoping it returns to the item shop.

We’ll keep this story updated with the official end date of Apex Legends’ season two Battle Charge.