Respawn details new challenges for Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass

Get ready for new weekly and daily challenges.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

New weekly and daily challenges are coming to Apex Legends. Respawn’s lead product manager Lee Horn explained the challenge format for season two on Reddit today and detailed how the system will work for those who plan to purchase a Battle Pass when Battle Charge kicks off.

During season two, players who have purchased a Battle Pass will receive three new daily challenges each day. Daily challenges are chosen randomly from a pool of over 200 unique missions and require players to complete objectives in a short play session. Those who complete their dailies will earn 3,000 STARS, a new XP system that’s specific to the Battle Pass’ level progression.

At the start of every week, players will also get the opportunity to complete seven weekly challenges. Weekly challenges will be a bit more difficult to complete compared to daily challenges and are designed to be completed over the course of several play sessions. Four of the weekly challenges will yield 6,000 STARS each, while the other three will grant an entire Battle Pass level upon completion.

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Players will receive an additional set of three special resetting weekly challenges. The objectives will always be the same each week and will refresh if the player didn’t complete them the previous week.

Apex’s second season kicks off on July 2 and will introduce a new playable character named Wattson alongside a new look for the game’s map, Kings Canyon.