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When are Minecraft Monday and Fortnite Friday returning?

The streamer tournaments will return soon.

Image via Epic Games

The incredibly-popular Minecraft Monday and Friday Fortnite streamer tournaments are being temporarily put on hold due to issues regarding funding and recent hacking.

On Oct. 7, Minecraft Monday was griefed and hacked after several people managed to join the server and destroy the buildings using a hacked client. This resulted in the entire server being destroyed, halting the tournament. This was the first time that Minecraft Monday endured this issue while streaming the tournament.

Later, Keemstar revealed that he hasn’t been getting paid from the tournaments and he doesn’t want to continue these events “on a shoe-string budget.” 

But Keemstar revealed that he’s received several offers from multiple companies to pay for the tournaments to be hosted on their platform. Previously, both Minecraft Monday and Friday Fortnite were hosted by UMG. 

In regard to the server hack on Minecraft Monday, Keemstar said that “we have been cutting so many corners on Minecraft Monday.” This could be a reference to the server’s security, considering it was easily hacked yesterday. Minecraft servers tend to use expensive plugins and custom security to ensure full protection. 

Keemstar mentioned that he’ll be raising the prize pools for future tournaments and revealed that Minecraft Monday and Friday Fortnite will be returning in November. Keemstar said that there will be more tournaments for different games in the future, too.