What happens when you get duplicate rewards, Pokémon licenses in Pokémon UNITE?

You don't need to worry about missing out on rewards.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE gives players more than a handful of ways to get the items they want or need to grab in order to improve at the game or look the way they want to. And TiMi Studio made sure that there was a system in place so that, even if a player gets an item one way, they won’t lose out on additional rewards. 

For example, say you really want to play as Alolan Ninetails, but you didn’t want to wait for its Unite License to become a free reward in the “14-Day Welcome Gifts” event. 

Alolan Ninetails, along with every other Pokémon currently available in UNITE, is available to purchase in the in-game shop via the Unite Battle Committee for either Aeos Coins or Aeon Gems. But don’t worry. Because even if you purchase a Pokémon that is also available as a free reward somewhere down the line, you won’t just get nothing. 

For any item that is available as an event, Energy, or Battle Pass reward, duplicates are turned into some form of currency. 

So back to Alolan Ninetails. If you purchased the Unite License on your own, earning Alolan Ninetails as a reward will instead net you 8,000 Aeos Coins, the equivalent to what you would spend buying it in the store. 

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

This applies to cosmetic items too. So if you end up rolling a duplicate hoodie or shoes in the Energy Rewards machine, you will just get another form of currency, like Fashion Tickets.