What does ‘OP’ mean in gaming?

Or they may just be trying to sing Gangnam Style.

When you first start playing a game, getting familiar with its mechanics and gameplay elements can help you settle in faster. Learning the ropes will allow you to prepare for all the obstacles that may come your way, but you might have even more studying to do if you’re playing an online game.

In multiplayer titles like FortniteLeague of LegendsDota 2, CS:GO, or Overwatch, you’ll need to communicate with your teammates during matches. If you don’t know the lingo, you may have a tough time understanding your teammates or community discussions. One of the terms frequently thrown around is “OP,” which stands for overpowered.

The dictionary meaning of overpower is “defeat or overcome with superior strength.” But in most gaming-related scenarios, it’s used in a completely different way. OP is generally used as an adjective. When a character, gun, or in-game element is stronger than it should be, gamers usually describe it as “OP.”

When something is “OP,” you’ll also see the term “nerf” from time to time. Nerfing occurs when the game’s developer reduces the element’s power level through updates. Lowering their damage, adjusting the drop rate, or balancing any other stats to make them more in-line with their competition will be considered nerfing.

If you stumble upon “OP” in community hubs like Reddit or the official forums of your favorite game, it can also mean “original poster.” You can tell the difference by context since when “OP” is used as “original poster,” it’ll refer to their original message.

While you can study all the terminology, you should take your time to go with the flow as well. As you keep playing your favorite game and slowly become a part of its community, you’ll find out about all the terms even if you don’t try to.

Considering these terms can differ from game to game, it can also be a good idea to check out the most commonly used terms in your game of choice.