Wave of ‘frustrated Billie Eilish’ memes overtakes League, VALORANT, Apex communities

Gamers are poking fun at Eilish by fabricating quotes from a year-old interview of hers.

Photo by Lars Crommelinck via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

A new meme has begun to sweep over gaming communities across the internet, and at its center is American singer Billie Eilish.

The new meme, which is largely prevalent on Twitter, pokes fun at Eilish by making up a quote from an interview with Vogue America and having her rant about issues with popular video games. A profile piece on Eilish was published in Vogue magazine in 2021. In that piece, she voices her frustrations with modern beauty standards. 

A twist on that year-old interview has spread like wildfire around online gaming spaces. The League of Legends community has made up fake Eilish quotes about the “unfair” state of Yuumi, while the VALORANT community has made memes of her weighing in on the upcoming nerfs to Chamber

Apex Legends players have made memes of Eilish weighing in on Seer, a legend who “takes skill completely out of the game,” while Legends of Runeterra players have voiced their frustration about Bard through Eilish. 

The template for the meme always begins with: “Billie Eilish, singer, reveals in a recent interview to Vogue America that lately she’s been frustrated with,” and from there, you’re free to fill in the rest of the meme with whatever you think Eilish may be frustrated with, as well as a fabricated quote that conveys “her” feelings. 

In 2021, Eilish was featured on the print cover of Vogue magazine. Last month, she was featured in a content piece with Vogue in which she details her nightly beauty routine following a concert.