Warzone player eliminates TimTheTatman, NickMERCS in excellent play

Play of the day.

Image via Activision

During a recent game of Warzone, streamers TimTheTatman and NickMERCS found out the hard way that things aren’t always as they seem.

The pair had just entered a match and were preparing to score some early supplies with assistance from a loadout drop. They spotted a chopper overhead that they believed was friendly and chose to ignore it while they secured their loot.

When the supply drop hit the ground, Tim invited the chopper to come down and score themselves some loot, but as they would soon find out, the pilot had other plans. The chopper was sent straight into a nearby structure, instantly downing Nick while a player snuck up behind Tim and eliminated their team with one swift attack.

Shocked by what happened, the streamers watched back the replay to see that the player had abandoned his chopper at the last second to get in position behind Tim and perform the perfect melee execution.

While this may not have been the first time someone pulled off a loadout kill, this particular player was able to do it flawlessly without giving the pair of streamers a chance to react.