Voicemod partners with streamer mentorship platform Pipeline.gg to promote, teach about the importance of audio

This deal includes multiple discounts, a new educational course, and more.

Image via Voicemod

Leading augmented voice and interactive audio company Voicemod is partnering with streaming training and mentorship platform Pipeline.gg to produce new educational content around audio setups and entertainment.

This collaboration will feature a one-year Voicemod pro subscription to any annual Pipeline.gg users, and a one-month pro subscription to monthly users, along with introducing a new masterclass on Pipeline.gg that focuses on Voicemod and streaming audio. 

To go with the complimentary Voicemod pro subscriptions to Pipeline.gg members, any Voicemod pro subscriber can also get 10 percent off a monthly or annual subscription to Pipeline.gg. 

Voicemod is using this partnership as a way to expand its own community, support more upcoming creators, and potentially bring in new users for its suite of real-time voice-changing software, soundboards, filters, and other tools. This includes use of the new “Clean Voice” feature, which helps users sound clean, clear, and professional without requiring high-end audio equipment. 

“Voicemod’s collaboration with Pipeline.gg is yet another huge win for the streaming space as we continue to branch out as the go-to tool for creators to amplify their streams using audio and the power of voice,” Voicemod CEO and co-founder Jaime Bosch said. “Pipeline.gg is an excellent partner, as they share a similar value: empowering creators to level up their content. There’s power in being heard the way you want to be heard, and now Pipeline’s creators can wield that, and so much more.”

Pipeline.gg, which was founded by content creators Stephen “snoopeh” Ellis and David “StoneMountain64” Steinberg, is a platform that promotes ways for streamers to connect, learn, and grow with assets to support them, whether that be expert-led guidance or content courses. 

Through this partnership, Pipeline.gg is giving its users easy access to Voicemod’s suite of audio tools and gets specified courses for its platform to help teach upcoming creators how to maximize their stream’s audio. This is all done with the goal of providing more content, tools, and partnerships to support the next generation of streamers trying to improve their content and potentially turn it into a career.

You can learn more about Voicemod and Pipeline.gg on each platform’s respective website.