Vizicsacsi will replace Apii in PEACE’s starting roster for Worlds 2021

The Oceanic hopefuls have found a leader where they sought a substitute.

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LEC veteran, MAD Lions’s coach, and former Worlds participant Vizicsacsi has been announced as the temporary substitute for LCO champions PEACE, who will be without their starting top laner and sixth man for the tournament in Iceland.

Vizicsacsi is a former top laner for organizations such as Unicorns of Love, Schalke 04 and Splyce, where he built a reputation of being tough as nails in lane and found success with his style of aggression. In 2019, he made it out of groups at Worlds with Splyce, before being eventually beaten by SKT T1 Telecom 3-1 in the knockout stage.

PEACE has managed to secure a surprising, but nevertheless remarkable fill-in for their top laner Apii who wasn’t able to meet travel eligibility criteria for the event. Vizicsacsi is a player with a wealth of experience, and someone who is also able to translate that experience into practical help. He has had a brief but impactful stint as a coach with LEC champions MAD Lions, helping to turn their top laner Armut into a more consistent player.

Peace is a newly formed organization, and they had a bumpy 2021, often playing without parts of their main roster and at one point languishing toward the very bottom of the LCO ladder during the second split. But after managing to scrape through into the playoffs, the team ran the gauntlet from the fifth spot all the way to the Grand Final, winning four series before taking the crown over their rivals Pentanet.GG and making it to Worlds. This group of players could just look to take some names in the play-in stage of Worlds this year if they can grow together under the guidance of their new top laner, and leader Vizicsacsi.

PEACE’s starting roster for their play-ins run at Worlds 2021 looks like this:

  • Top lane: Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle: Babip
  • Mid lane: Tally
  • ADC: Violet
  • Support: Aladoric

The Worlds play-in stage is set to begin on Oct. 5, while groups for the play-ins will be drawn tonight, Sept. 22.

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