Tyler1 rages after a glitch costs him a kill in League of Legends

The streamer was not impressed.

Screengrab via twitch.tv/loltyler1

Tyler1 showcased some of his signature raging during his League of Legends stream last night where he was cheated out of a kill due to a glitch in the game.

The streamer approached a group of enemies at the tier one bottom lane tower from behind. He secured an initial kill on Zac before activating Mordekaiser’s ultimate ability, Realm of Death, on the nearby Ashe. But just before Tyler1 activated Mordekaiser’s ultimate, Ashe took a portal created by her support Bard to escape out of the lane and into the river.

This resulted in Ashe somehow becoming locked in position out of Tyler1’s reach. She was still under the effects of Realm of Death, but she was outside of the area, meaning Tyler1 couldn’t do any damage to her. Understandably, the streamer wasn’t impressed with what occurred.

After his team lost the match, Tyler1 went back to review the clip from the game and saw what happened. After watching it, the streamer noted that Ashe was able to fire at him from outside the bounds of the ultimate while she wasn’t in range for him to hit with his basic attacks.

Tyler1 is in the process of trying to complete his “unranked to Challenger” challenge in the top lane. The notorious Draven main successfully hit Challenger playing only jungle earlier this year.

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