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Tyler1 plays Fortnite, dies to unusual glitch

Fortnite hates Tyler1.

Screengrab via Tyler1/Twitch

Streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp seems destined to stream League of Legends forever. He tried his luck playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on his livestream last night, and the game clearly didn’t want him there.

He was on a Driftboard going toward Retail Row on a duos match. As he approached one of the stores from the north, it was clear that the game failed to render the building in front of him properly. He continued hovering in the direction of one of the store’s walls and clipped through it instead of bumping and stopping. He was stuck under the store in an otherwise inaccessible area.

When he used the Driftboard’s boost, he died immediately. “I got exploited,” Tyler1 said, skeptical of what had just happened.

Tyler1 fell victim to a rather unusual Fortnite glitch. Building rendering in Retail Row specifically became an issue after last week’s v8.50 update, and Epic Games warned players with an in-game message that a few buildings in both areas might be glitched and be rendered in low quality for a few seconds. Tyler1 was simply out of luck, as this bug would probably never happen in any other area in the game.

In a way, Tyler1’s Fortnite death was a service to the community, as it proves the issue has yet to be fixed. He clearly didn’t see it that way, though, and raged like he’s used to.

Tyler1 played Fortnite for less than an hour, and he quickly switched back to League after he died in a random duos match and joined a game in League. He’s one of the most successful League streamers and just seemed to be playing Fortnite for fun while he waited in the queue.

He’s joined the ranks of a few other famous streamers who’ve played Fortnite a bit in the last few weeks. Michael “shroud” Grzesiek played the game a single time a few days ago, when he criticized its current state for competitive play. He hasn’t returned to the game since then. Félix “xQc” Lengyel played Fortnite for a few days last week and was compared to “Old Ninja” due to his behavior during matches. But he’s already moved on to other games.

It’s safe to assume that Tyler1 is sticking to League for some time. And even if he wanted to switch, Fortnite wouldn’t let him.