Twitch’s Power Rangers marathon is averaging 70,000 concurrent viewers

Memes are flowing, too.

It was a rocky start for Billy, the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers, during the first few hours of Twitch’s marathon.

Out of the 875,000 unique Twitch viewers that tuned in to watch the first day of the 831-episode marathon of Power Rangers, the majority of viewers rallied against Billy, deeming him useless. As the marathon continued into its second day, however, the Twitch chat really started to feel for Billy. He’s a hero now.

“We knew going into this marathon that Saban’s Power Rangers was a show deeply rooted in the formative years of many of our community,” Twitch product marketing director Annie Berrones said in a statement. “Their passion for the show is evident not just in terms of the turn out, but in how they have been celebrating this event with all the new memes in chat.”

The broadcast itself averaged around 70,000 concurrent viewers from the main channel and co-streamers combined, Twitch said. That’s a higher peak than even the Twitch stream of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, which peaked at 63,000 on its first day.

Twitch expects hundreds of new memes to be created as the Power Rangers marathon continues. The most popular, however, is likely to stay the same: The chat really loves spamming BLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL each and every time Rita’s Putties show up on screen. Likewise, GG has become customary as an episode ends.

More emotes will be added as the Power Rangers marathon continues, Twitch said. The marathon will continue until March 30. Lionsgate’s new film Saban’s Power Rangers will debut in theaters on March 24, in the middle of the marathon.

It’s morphing time.