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Twitch issues advice to streamers who broadcasted Fortnite’s Nexus War event

It urged users to take caution.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite closed out its season with an epic event called Nexus War. Much like the previous few season-ending events, Twitch was the place to be—more than one million viewers tuned in to catch the action. For the broadcasters who streamed this, however, issues may arise.

Twitch released a statement after the event explaining to users what they can do to minimalize the chance of being flagged for broadcasting the copyrighted music played during the event. In a tweet, Twitch Support suggested users download their full broadcast of the event before removing VODs and clips that may include the copyrighted audio.

During the 10-minute event, players were tasked with driving a battle bus to take down the enemy Galactus. During this unavoidable portion of the event, the vehicle’s radio system begins to play Demon Fire by AC/DC.

As the music began to play, many streamers chose to immediately mute their game sound, although not all did this. With fears of receiving a DMCA strike on their channel, much of the community questioned if they would be punished.

Over the past few months, numerous Twitch streamers have been hit with DMCA takedowns as a result of copyrighted music in their broadcasts. The platform offered a new way for streamers to play music on their streams without the fear of receiving a strike by using the new SoundTrack service. This music streaming service is populated by music that is free to use to ensure streamers are not breaching any prior copyright.