Top 144 Hz monitors for gaming in 2020

There are plenty of options available.

Photo via Riot Games

A gamer’s monitor is one of the most important aspects of any setup. And with so many options on the market, choosing one to last several years can be a daunting task.

There are a ton of options to consider when purchasing a new monitor. What do you want your maximum frames per second to be? Is 4K capability necessary? Why is one brand better than another? With this guide, we’ll be able to answer any important questions you may have when selecting a new monitor. 

We wanted to focus on 144 Hz monitors since that refresh rate is a perfect medium without breaking the bank. A 144 Hz refresh rate means that your display will show 144 frames per second, allowing in-game movement to feel smoother.

Regardless of whether you prefer first-person shooters full of action or story-driven games that focus on breathtaking graphics, this list will be able to cover all of your needs, wants, and desires for a gaming monitor.

ASUS: Best overall monitor

Image via ASUS

Looking through ASUS monitors can be a bit dizzying. Every model for a gaming monitor is some collection of numbers and letters that looks like VG279Q or PG259QN. But as far as quality goes, they’re all top-of-the-line options with small differences. 

Deciding between one of the monitors ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. The size of the screens, resolutions, and response times of each monitor may vary slightly depending on the model. 

While you’ll want to make sure you have one-millisecond input for your response time, the other things like resolution and screen size come down to strictly personal preference and budget. But whichever monitor you select will more than get the job done.

Sceptre C248B-144RN: Best budget-friendly monitor

Image via Amazon

When looking for the best 144 Hz monitor that will allow you to ball on a budget, it’s important to understand that you’ll be making some concessions. You’re not going to get a particularly large monitor or have a lot of the bells and whistle of an ASUS VG279Q, for instance.

But if you’re looking for the best performance you can get and 144 Hz is the priority, Sceptre’s C248B-144RN will do the trick. Coming in at a price point well below most ASUS 144 Hz monitors, the C248B-144RN comes with a 24-inch curved display. At its price point, you’ll only get a 1080p FHD resolution. But for the reduced price, it might be worth it to save that money.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P: Best esports monitor

Image via Amazon

BenQ gaming monitors are known across the industry as being one of the premier monitors for esports. This model doesn’t have anything flashy in terms of resolution or size. With a 24-inch display and 1080P resolution, don’t expect this monitor to turn heads.

But its one-millisecond response time and multitude of connectivity options make BenQ’s monitor one that’s perfect for gamers looking to play at a high level and have some flexibility as well. Additionally, this monitor doesn’t come at an unreasonable price range, sitting just slightly more expensive than our best budget-friendly monitor.

Samsung CFG73 – Best curved monitor (FreeSync)

Image via Samsung

If a curved monitor is the type of gaming experience you’re into, Samsung might be the manufacturer to go to. There are multiple curved-screen monitors to choose from by Samsung, from the 27-inch CFG73 to the massive 49-inch CRG9. 

As far as 144 Hz is concerned, a 27-inch display from the CFG73 is your best option because the larger, 49-inch options come in at 120 Hz, slightly less than 144 Hz. If you’re willing to forgo a few frames per second, you might be willing to go in on the ultrawide Samsung screen. But if 144 Hz is your cutoff, this monitor will do.

Samsung’s CFG73 is one of the best curved monitors on the market due to quantum dot technology. The company was able to lay quantum dots over an LED-backlit LCD monitor so that as light shines through the QDs, the light is broken down. This will allow the color range of the display to be increased by almost 50 percent, creating one of the best images you can get for gaming.

Everybody’s preferences are different when it comes to gaming monitors. While this list has options that range as low as $200, there’s something out there for everybody. Be sure to select what works best for you because a gaming monitor can last several years.

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