The best aim training routine for Apex Legends

Practice makes perfect.

Written in partnership with Aim Lab.

With every year that passes, the average skill level in Apex Legends rises to match. If you want to keep up and continue your improvement as a player, you’ll need to know the best way to train your aim. Aim Lab has got you covered.

They’ve put together a routine of 10 scenarios to keep your aim crisp and help you hit on your weak points. Here is the best routine for improving your aim in Apex in 2022.

Spidershot 180 Ultimate

First up is Spidershot 180 Ultimate. This scenario features targets that randomly spawn two at a time on one side. The next pair will spawn on the complete opposite side, forcing you to make large flicks to both sides. Apex is a movement-heavy game and players will always be coming from multiple angles. Being able to flick to them with consistency is key.

Multishot Ultimate

Multishot Ultimate is a simple scenario. Targets will spawn rapidly in front of you at varying heights and depths, with the goal being to hit as many as possible. The longer each target remains on the field, the smaller it becomes, making speed important. This scenario is great for warming up your mouse movement and pushing you to be as fast as possible.


VCT NA – TenZ will test your ability to handle target swapping in a high-pressure scenario. Targets spawn across a long arena and move toward you. The goal is to not let any targets get to you, requiring fast flicks and good target management. If you falter in speed or decision-making, your score will go down. Learning to deal with this pressure will help keep your head cooler in Apex.

Motionshot Ultimate

Motionshot Ultimate is a flashy-looking scenario, but the skills it helps to train are essential for the basics in Apex. Targets will appear randomly in front of you, some being still and some moving in straight lines. You’ll need to be quick in resetting your crosshair back to center screen to flick to the next target.

VCT NA – yay

VCT NA – yay is a scenario that has you aiming at incredibly small moving targets at range. The targets may move slowly, but it will be difficult to chain together hits quickly. Focus on training your precision using this scenario. There are many weapons in Apex that require this type of aiming, such as snipers or the Wingman.

VALORANT Ascent Tracking Standard

Despite having VALORANT in the name, VALORANT Ascent Tracking Standard features a single target that strafes back and forth at about the speed of an Apex strafe. This scenario is a great way to train the fundamentals of close to mid-range spray fights and trading, the bread and butter of Apex’s combat.

VT Smoothsphere Apex

VT Smoothsphere Apex is a difficult scenario. A single, small target will move quickly horizontally and vertically in front of you. The goal is to keep your crosshair on it as much as possible with the best results coming from lifting your mouse as little as possible. Being able to consistently track for headshots in Apex is difficult but very rewarding for those who can.

VT Psalm Angelic Click

VT Psalm Angelic Click contains multiple targets moving at varying speeds, distances, and directions. The targets are small and have a large range of motion, meaning you’ll need to focus on precision and target swapping to maximize your score. This scenario is a great way to switch things up in your routine, adding variety to the more specifically targeted scenarios. 

VT A180 TI Apex

Being able to track in an arc is important in Apex due to the hypermobility of many characters. VT A180 TI Apex focuses on that arcing motion as you track a target bouncing back and forth in front of you. Work on the smoothness of your aim in this scenario and you’ll find flying targets becoming much easier to track in game.

Dazs – Popcorn Tracking

Dazs – Popcorn Tracking is similar to the previous scenario in that it focuses on tracking in an arc. This time, however, the target has a much wider range of motion, moving around you instead of just in front. Oftentimes, players will fly over your head in Apex. Dazs – Popcorn Tracking will help you keep your mouse steady when trying to track flying targets at varying depths. 

Those are 10 scenarios to help you up your Apex game in 2022. This playlist is definitely difficult and will push you to your limits. It hits on the fundamentals of aim in Apex, as well as some of the more specialized types of aim that you will find yourself using while playing. Both new and experienced players will find themselves improving noticeably if they stick at it.

For more Apex aiming and mechanics tips, check out the Aim Lab YouTube channel.