Tfue gets eliminated by an invisible player during a Fortnite Arena match

This happened just a few days before the World Cup Finals.

Screengrab via Tfue

The Fortnite World Cup Finals start in two days. Anything that’s in the game today is what professional players will see on stage while they play, which raises concerns about new bugs and glitches that might have been introduced in yesterday’s v9.41 update.

And Turner “Tfue” Tenney found a huge one. An invisible player eliminated him during an Arena Duos match, and a few details on the play make us believe that he was a victim of a bug rather than a cheater.

Tfue and his duo were boxing up when this happened. They could hear a few players using Shadow Bombs, but one player, in particular, became invisible below them before Tfue could see them using the item. A few seconds later, Tfue got shot out of nowhere and was eliminated. When he turned around, all he could see was floating shotguns and SMGs in the same box he was in.

The invisible player eliminated both Tfue and his duo, and they seem to be the same person who had vanished below them a second earlier. Some bug likely happened that let that player jump into Tfue’s box, go behind him, and take a shot before he could notice there was a floating Pump Shotgun behind him.

This bug could be related to many variables. It could be an issue with Shadow Bombs and their animation, or it could be tied to the skin that the invisible player was using. It’s probably related to the skin since the character model was the only part affected by the bug—Tfue could still see his opponent’s gun.

Epic has yet to comment on the issue. At the moment, professional players like Tfue can only hope that they don’t run into something similar during their Fortnite World Cup matches this weekend.