Team WE pick up their first LPL championship

Royal Never Give Up were defeated at the final hurdle.

This is part II of the How to Counter the net deck by building enabling you to build your own viable decks. In this article we'll discuss the core fundamentals of Aggressive style decks.

Team WE have defeated rivals Royal Never Give Up in the spring final to claim their first regional title.

Both teams had showcased strong regional form coming into the final. The contest was wide open in fans’ eyes, with many believing the win would go to the team with the better communication—something Team WE had been lacking in, until now.

Team WE came flying out of the gates in game one. The double assassin composition Team WE had crafted during the draft phase paid dividends as time went by. Fizz and LeBlanc were able to take out the squishy members of RNG, leaving RNG vulnerable in the process with nobody to counterattack Team WE’s aggressive push towards the nexus.

RNG took an early advantage in game two after harassing Team WE’s toplaner, Ke “957” Chang-Yu. This led to RNG securing an early tower which they used to substantially increase their lead.

Team WE remained patient throughout the game and slowly found their way back into it by picking off members of RNG that were out of position, gifting them not only kills but objectives. After a successful teamfight, Team WE were able to complete the turnaround, take the Baron and and close out the game.

In game three, RNG were able to get an early game lead again in similar fashion to game two, prioritising the midlane to give them a small gold advantage. This time however, RNG kept their lead and capitalised on Team WE’s failed Baron attempt to get the ace. RNG were unable to close off the game and looked frustrated as Team WE once again found pick after pick to win the game. RNG choked when it mattered most and gave Team WE a commanding 3-0 sweep.

Team WE will now head to the Mid-Season Invitational to represent their region in Brazil. MSI started on April 28, but Team WE will not be playing until May 10.