Survival mode coming to CoD: Mobile Zombies, data miner says

The classic mode is making its return.

Image via Activision

A data miner found that the Survival mode in Zombies, synonymous with Call of Duty: Black Ops and World at War, could be coming to the mobile version of CoD along with four other game modes. 

It was previously speculated that Zombies in CoD: Mobile would feature a linear-based progression system where players had to eliminate bosses and hordes of the undead to gain access to the next level. But today, data miner Stealtbubble found files that suggest that Survival, Raids, Missions, Challenges, and Strikes are all coming to the game.

The data miner also said that players might be able to upgrade their weapons in the Zombies lobby before the game is initiated. This would use the iconic Pack-a-Punch machine featured in the Black Ops and World at War games. 

A special variant of the AK-47 is shown in a leaked image next to the Pack-a-Punch. This could be craftable in-game.

Several details regarding the perks have been leaked, too. Many historic perks will reportedly be making a return, such as Juggernaut and Double Tap. But it seems like the perks are craftable and will vary in rarity as shown by the difference in colors, according to the data miner.

The introduction of a Survival mode in CoD: Mobile would likely be extremely positive. Fans would enjoy the classic game mode rather than forcibly playing Missions that may not have felt like the original Zombies experience.

It’s still unclear when Zombies will be added to CoD: Mobile, however.