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Summit gives opinion on Fortnite Zero Build

Summit has a lot of experience with battle royale games.

Image via Epic Games.

One of Fortnite‘s staples is the ability to build structures quickly, which added a new element to the same old battle royale format since it allowed players to get immediate elevation or build a fort and heal their friends. Now that that feature has been removed in the recently-released Zero Build mode, Summit has shared his opinion on the game without building.

Summit said that he liked Fortnite Zero Build in a recent tweet, saying “it’s chill.” While not the most exciting praise, the full-time streamer’s acknowledgment that the Zero Build game mode is its kind of fun should be enough to win over a couple of players who have so far been unwilling.

When Epic implemented the Zero Build mode back at the end of March, no one was sure what the reaction would be. Luckily, many popular streamers were eager to jump back in, and Fortnite saw a boost as longtime fans and new players alike hopped into the revamped version of Fortnite.

The Fortnite Zero Build mode takes away the player’s ability to build and gives a new regenerative shield instead to make up for the lack of cover. Once the shield depletes, however, players will have to wait a few seconds before the 50-hit point shield begins to recharge.

Many other popular content creators, like Ninja, also shared their love for the new game mode. It seems the community essentially feels like this new game mode is a new way to experience Fortnite for all players.

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