Str8 Rippin Returns to Halo, Acquires LOL

One of the most iconic teams in Halo is back, and they've decided to pick up the ex-OpTic squad now known as LOL.

A legendary organization has re-entered the Halo scene.

Str8 Rippin, one of the most iconic teams in Halo since the OG Halo 2 days, has picked up the entire LOL roster in the NA HCS Pro League.

The organization won its first Halo tournament at MLG Philidelphia 2005 and won a Major League Gaming Championship in 2008, where both Pro League broadcasters Kyle “Elamite” Elam and cornerstone piece Tom Tsquared Taylor hoisted the trophy in that Halo 3 event. Str8 Rippin will be represented by Aaron “AcE” Elam, Bradley “APG” Laws, Richie “Heinz” Heinz, and Kevin “Eco” Smith in the HCS Pro League. They will also have Emanuel HoaxerTV Lovejoy on as a coach.

Currently, the newly named Str8 Rippin sits in sixth in the Pro League, teetering over the relegation line. A win against Evil Geniuses on Thursday will help the cause of keeping Str8 Rippin in the top flight of Halo.

Who is now the most popular Halo franchise? The “old school” Str8 Rippin, or the current dominating team in OpTic Gaming?

Also, can we get some Str8 Rippin skins in Halo 5: Guardians now?

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