Stats Speak: Which junglers are the best on the meta champions?

After close to halfway through the spring split in most regions, I take a look at which junglers have been performing the best on the strongest jungle champions in the meta.

The jungle has always been a perplexing and crucial role in League of Legends. Only a few champions are fit enough to survive, while the best summoners use these champions to strengthen their teammates. I took at look at some of the best junglers in the NA LCS, EU LCS, and the LCK to see how they performed on four of the meta jungle picks.


Trashy on the Pridestalker

Jonas “Trashy” Andersen has demonstrated his ability to play a great Rengar in the EU LCS. Despite his team’s middling performance, Trashy has played very well on this champion, winning all three of the games he has played.

W%: 100%

KDA: 5.2

KP%: 63.4%

CSPM: 5.5

FB%: 33%

Yoon “SeongHwan” Seong-hwan on ROX Tigers has also found success on this champion, managing to participate in almost 83 percent of his team’s kills, and was a key reason his team won two of the three games he has played on Rengar.


Score on the Voidreaver

On the Korean super-team KT Rolster, jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin has found great success with the team, especially on Kha’Zix. He has built up an impressive win percentage and KDA that has benefited from his team’s great play over the nine games where he drafted Kha’Zix.

W%: 89%

KDA: 7.5

KP%: 68.7%

CSPM: 4.7

FB%: 22%

Another notable player on this champion is Cloud9’s rookie Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia, who has played 12 games as Kha’Zix and has accumulated an 83 percent win ratio. While he is only a rookie, Contractz has already shown that he is a top North American jungler, with Kha’Zix as his favored champion so far.

Lee Sin

Peanut on the Blind Monk

Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined SKT for the 2017 Spring Split after an impressive year with the ROX Tigers. As an exciting and hyped jungler, much was expected from the Korean, and so far, he has delivered. Specifically, his play on Lee Sin has been unmatched, leading to a 100 percent win ratio and a massive KDA.

W%: 100%

KDA: 12.3

KP%: 72.1%

CSPM: 4.5

FB%: 0%

Other notable players on this champion include Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen. Although he joined Fnatic later in the season, Broxah has already played four games on Lee Sin, out of the seven games he has played in the EU LCS overall. Broxah was known for his spectacular Lee Sin play in the Challenger Series, and on ladder, but now he is showing those skills in the LCS, making many notable plays.


Trick on the Outlaw

Kim “Trick” Gang-yun has helped lead G2 to two consecutive EU LCS first place finishes, demonstrating his phenomenal skills as a jungler. One champion he has become synonymous with is Graves. Trick was one of the first adopters of the champion when he became a jungle pick and has now mastered Graves to great effect, utilizing the champion’s high-damage kit.

W%: 75%

KDA: 2.8

KP%: 56%

CSPM: 6.7

FB%: 50%

Despite his team’s poor performance over the course of this split, Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin has put in great games on Graves, attaining a 6.8 KDA over the three games, while winning two of them. He also has a large CSPM at 7.2, and frequently participates in his team’s kills.

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Stats Speak is a series by Joe “@2DDoc” Tortorice that looks at statistics to help explain certain topics in esports.

Stats provided by Oracle’s Elixir.