SporTV Acquires CBLOL Broadcasting Rights

SporTV, a prominent Brazilians Sports TV channel has acquired the rights to broadcast the CBLOL.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

SporTV, a prominent Brazilians sports TV channel, has acquired the rights to broadcast the CBLOL region of League of Legends, which includes teams such as INTZ, Kabum and Pain Gaming, just to name a few.

These rights are reportedly set to take effect between January and August of 2017, which would only include the CBLOL region and not Worlds or MSI, providing a CBLOL team makes it into those events.

The CBLOL starts on Jan. 21, a day after the NA LCS starts and two days after the EU LCS begins. 

For more details, you can read the original article here, if you know your native Portuguese. 

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