Snake eSports Jiezou Retires due to Health Issues

The support for the LPL team Snake eSports, Xia “Jiezou” Heng has retired early due to health concerns.

The support for the LPL team Snake eSports, Xia “Jiezou” Heng, who played a part in their playoff defeat has been forced to retire early in his career. This health concern is that he is sufffering from migranes due to staying up too late.

Snake eSports recently acquired two new members for the team for the upcoming season, ex-NRG eSports (NALCS) ADC Oh “Ohq” Gyumin and ex-Invictus Gaming (LPL) mid Liu “Zzitai” Zhihao.

Snake does have many supports on their roster, however we at GAMURS wish him a safe recovery and hope his health improves in the future.

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