Shroud plays Overwatch and finishes placements in Platinum

His performance was good enough.

Shroud vs. Ninja
Photo via ECS

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Michael “shroud” Grzesiek tried playing a few Overwatch matches last weekend and he did well.

He played all of his ranked placement matches and finished with a Skill Rating of over 2,500, which makes him a Platinum player. He didn’t understand what that number meant at first, though, and didn’t seem to care much about it.

Shroud is a high-skilled player in first-person shooter games, so the heroes he chose in Overwatch were mostly DPS. He played some McCree, Tracer, and Soldier: 76. He even got a clean sequence of five kills with Soldier in one of his ranked matches.

Soldier is the best Overwatch hero for players used to other FPS games. His automatic rifle works like most rifles in other titles, except that it doesn’t have a predictable spray pattern like guns in CS:GO and Apex Legends, two titles that shroud is very familiar with. That probably made it easier for shroud to play with him since he only needed to worry about having accurate aim.

Shroud constantly flirts with other shooter titles, but he rarely adds them to his usual streaming schedule. He played Fortnite twice and rarely returns to the game. He criticized the title both times, once saying the game’s state was bad for competitive players and he called out how overpowered the Drum Gun was at the time. But shroud didn’t try to become a Fortnite streamer after that, and his audience probably doesn’t want or expect him to become one anytime soon.

Shroud’s recent Overwatch gameplay went better than his Fortnite test, even though he didn’t exactly say good things about it. He wasn’t having fun playing Overwatch, but he wanted to play it again.

“I feel like that’s what this game does to you,” shroud said. “I’ll keep playing.”