Selfless releases CS:GO team, players retain ESL Pro League spot

Could another North American roster shuffle be imminent?

Selfless Gaming has decided to part ways with their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team after an unsuccessful run in Season 5 of the ESL Pro League.

Chris “cJ-dA-K1nG” Jones, Jacob “kaboose” McDonald, Coby “dizzywi” Meadows, and Terry “dsr” Rioux will be given a severance thanks to a termination clause in their contracts.

As a result of the team’s release, dsr has also decided to retire from competing in favor of working a full-time job away from esports. The players have been encouraged by the organization to remain diligent in competition despite being without an organization and a fourth and fifth teammate.

“If they turn things around and do well, I let them know I would help them find another org to sign with,” Selfless owner Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa said. Although this statement was spoken with good intent, it’s seems almost entirely backhanded considering they were just released because of “recent results” and “the overall [roster] marketplace”.

Ryu assured fans that Selfless will remain in the CS:GO scene. The organization will evaluate the talent pool in North America and make a decision based on a particular team’s present form.

With week seven of the ESL Pro League approaching, the former Selfless squad has been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. They currently reside in last place with a win-loss record of 1-15. Their only win throughout the season so far was against CLG.

dizzywi, kaboose, and cJ-dA-K1nG will play with substitutes until the conclusion of Season 5. Their future beyond that is uncertain.