Rogue: “We just need time as a team and we’ll be strong”

We caught up with some of the guys at Rogue during the DreamHack ASTRO Open in Leipzig.

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Last weekend, at DreamHack ASTRO Open Leipzig, Connor Bradley and I had the chance to speak to Casper “cadiaN” Møller and Viktor “v1c7oR” Dyankov of Rogue after their loss to Vega Squadron. We asked the guys about their aspirations for Rogue, the team dynamic and other topics. Without further ado, here is what the players had to say to us.

To v1c7oR: Were you expecting Vega Squadron to come into the game as aggressively as they did, as they were pushing heavily on both CT and T sides, or did that catch you off guard?

v1c7oR: “We were expecting for the guys to just be very strong. I think we just failed all our battles, that’s it.”

To cadiaN: Realistically, where do you see yourself at the end of the year? You’ve had some good best-of-three wins, such as one over GODSENT, as well as your win at ESEA Global Challenge. What do you think you need to improve on to get yourselves higher up in a global scale?

cadiaN: “We need to widen our map pool, be better at communicating, and have some more setups. We just need time as a team and we’ll be strong.”

To cadiaN: Tournaments of this size offer a solution to the oversaturation debate. Do you feel that tournaments like Leipzig, exposing smaller teams like yourself, are what the CS scene needs?

cadiaN: “I think it’s fine with the amount of tournaments. Obviously, if [tournament organizers] can make money from the tournaments with specific teams, then that is fine. Tier-one teams will be able to pick and choose what tournaments they want to participate in, and for sure, you’ll see in 2017 that they will not be attending as many as last year.”

To v1c7oR: Your team runs off of hype and momentum quite a bit, which we have seen in numerous events, such as the ESEA Global Challenge. Do you feel that emotion plays a large factor in your team and do you think it ever works against you?

v1c7oR: “The [actions] that I do are just to hype the team. Everytime I do it, everyone is happy for the team, because it’s hype as well and I fill myself with confidence.”

To cadiaN: We noticed that when bubble was playing on MK, he was the main AWPer on the team, but you clearly pick up the AWP the majority of the time on Rogue now. How did you guys work out who would be the main AWPer?

cadiaN: “We asked him when he joined our team what he prefered as a role, and he said he’d like to get a bit away from AWPing. I don’t know what his current status is. Bubble has always been strong with both rifles and the AWP, so I think it’s good to have a guy who can bring up a second AWP. We haven’t used it that much in this team yet, but I think it’s going to come in the future.”

We’d like to thank both cadiaN and v1c7oR for taking the time to speak with us during the event, especially since they had just lost their match.

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Photo credit: DreamHack