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Rocket League Live offers a new way to watch esports inside of Fortnite

Fortnite is hosting its first of multiple Rocket League watch parties.

Image via Psyonix

Fortnite seems to be evolving how it’s viewed with every passing update. The Creative Mode that lets players invent maps and game modes has become where Epic Games can show off collaborations and interesting new features. Now, Fortnite’s Creative Mode will be hosting watch parties for esports competitions and has introduced Rocket League Live.

Fortnite announced that 404FNC and FiveWalnut worked together to create the Championship Field. As a result, players will be able to watch the Rocket League Championship Series from March 23 to 27 on the field.

Fortnite followed that tweet up with some details on other features on the Championship Field. Players will be able to pick which team is their favorite, play mini-games in the arena, and fill up a “Boost Meter,” which will unlock new items and abilities. 

“This is only the beginning” of what Fortnite plans to do with Rocket League Live as the RLCS season continues, according to a third tweet. Players will likely return to the Championship Field or another iteration when the next competition begins. 

Fortnite isn’t a stranger to hosting live events and has made them a large part of its business model. Fortnite has broadcast events like film build-up shows and concerts from top artists to millions of players by partnering with brands and organizations. 

This may signify Epic’s effort to integrate more live sports and esports competition broadcasts into its game. This strategy would benefit the competition by boosting the audience and help Fortnite as it continues to evolve beyond its battle royale roots.