ROCCAT and Origen Remain Winless: EU LCS Week 3, Day 3 Recap

The final day of the first round of round-robin group play for the EU LCS has wrapped, with two teams searching for a victory, while the other two move to .500 records.

The final day of the first stage of round-robin group play for Europe featured two teams, Origen and ROCCAT, looking for a series win against two highly ranked teams, Splyce and Fnatic, who have dissapointed so far this split. All four teams desperatley needed a series win, but only two could earn it. Here’s a breakdown of today’s EU LCS matches.

Splyce (2-2) 2-0 Origen (0-4)

As Splyce was getting the first turret of the game, Origen failed a dive top lane to donate first blood over to Martin “Wunder” Hansen. Origen continued to focus on the Shen, while Splyce took that advantage to make plays elsewhere on the map and grab a gold lead. Origen attempted to be proactive and take a fight in river, but Splyce quickly turned it around in their favor. Origen tried to use their Camille aggressively but Splyce’s composition was able to peel back and protect their carries. Splyce cruised to a game one victory.

The second game started off much more even between the teams, as Origen stepped up their level of play to match Splyce. Slowly but surely, Splyce pulled out ahead to narrowly grab a gold lead as the match headed into the mid-game. Splyce played a controlled game that allowed them to take a safe victory and a good series win for them.

My player of the series is Wunder. Wunder’s Shen was on-point in both games, as he provided a strong front-line to protect his teammates. Wunder used the Stand United well to keep his teammates alive and turn team fights around.

Fnatic (2-2) 2-1 ROCCAT (0-4)

Fnatic picked an extremely strong team composition with tons of support for their hard carries. ROCCAT made some questionable decisions in the pick/ban phase and they were proven wrong in their decision as Fnatic completely rolled over the competition, quickly winning the first game.

ROCCAT had a much better pick/ban phase and started the game with brilliant macro play. They put Fnatic hard onto their back foot, but Fnatic bounced back and started to fight back, winning a few team-fights. Though Fnatic fought back, ROCCAT held onto their gold lead. Even though it was not pretty, ROCCAT closed out the game to even up the series.

The start of game three was extremely chaotic and sloppy, with both teams making mistakes. Fnatic won a decisive team-fight that allowed them to take an early Baron, which gave them quite an advantage. With the Baron buff on, Fnatic ran over ROCCAT to take a dominant game three win and earn themselves the series victory.

My player of the series is Rasmus “Caps” Winther. Caps dominated the first game on Camille, arguably a free win, but also was able to get kills in the second and third games. Despite it being sloppy and not looking sure at all, Caps still helped his team get the series victory. There is a lot to work on though for this young player.

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