Riot should host more Community Events

Riot's Ocean Week has me thinking about why Riot should host more community events.

Courtesy of Dreamhack and Jennika Ojala

Riot is currently hosting an Ocean Week event exclusively for the teams in the Oceanic region.

The event is a community driven story with a simple plot. “Oceania is in peril,” Riot said. “An evil entity is devouring our animals, using their life force to transform into giant monsters.”

Riot then allows players to join the event in order to work together to beat creatures terrorizing the ocean. Players can gain rewards, scaling from a free mystery gift all the way up to a super secret prize, if the community works together to beat each boss every day.

“Winning matches of League of Legends with an enlisted Homeguard account is the only way to damage the monsters,” Riot stated. “Battles are timed, and it’s up to the Homeguards to earn enough points to defeat each monster and free the animal trapped inside. Winning a match will earn players one point, with certain modes offering double point bonuses throughout Ocean Week.”

The event has been updated daily, with every win and lose recorded in an effort to help the real world ocean life and raise awareness on the topic. You can see all the entries here.

This could be a sign that Riot will consider similar community events in the future in other regions around particular problems facing the ecosystem. The community needs something to work together towards, rather than what it is now. The event is about to end and the community has beaten all but one of their targets over the week. 

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