Riot has reportedly started investigating VALORANT players for CS:GO match-fixing

It's no joke, Riot is taking the CS:GO match-fixing allegations seriously.

Image via Riot Games

With the ESIC and FBI teaming up to investigate allegations of CS:GO match-fixing in North America, Riot Games is reportedly doing its own separate investigation into VALORANT players.

Riot has begun conducting interviews with VALORANT players regarding the match-fixing allegations, according to a report from Richard Lewis and Dexerto. These allegations first surfaced in September and attracted the attention of both the Esports Integrity Commission and now the FBI.

The allegations revolve around the Mountain Dew League, a North American pro CS:GO fixture owned and operated by ESEA. With no definitive results yet publicized, many organizations have been hesitant to offer certain players contracts without yet knowing the outcome of the investigations, according to Lewis.

A handful of now prominent players in VALORANT have been hinted at by the community as potentially being involved in the match-fixing situation. The extent of that alleged involvement and the extent of any potential punishment Riot could hand out are both unknown.

The ESIC is set to release its first set of findings at some point over the next two weeks, according to an interview with Ian T. Smith, the integrity commissioner for the ESIC. The second set of findings, which Smith alleges is much more serious, will come out sometime after.

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