Riot Games Reportedly Looking To Expand Into India

A new LoL server could grow the competitive scene.

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Riot Games, the studio that made League of Legends, recently hired Anurag Khurana, a staple figure in the Indian gaming industry, as a country manager. Khurana has been a part of many gaming companies, most notably RedOctane, the makers of Guitar Hero. This move was likely made with hopes to make an Indian server.

While this is mostly speculation, evidence has surfaced over the past months that Riot has had their eyes set on expanding into India.

What this means for League of Legends is potentially a new server that would allow players from southern Asia to obtain lower pings. Outside of a new server, we could see growth of a competitive scene, similar to the recent Brazilian and Turkish leagues.

With Riot potentially making moves towards India, we can only hope that other companies will follow in order to further grow the esports scene.

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