Former Pnda Gaming duo finds a new home in Carbon Six

Prophet and FA5TBALLA have their new team for the CWL Anaheim Open.

After just falling short of qualifying for the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League, Jay “Prophet” Nicoletti and Ethan “FA5TBALLA” Wedgeworth left Pnda Gaming on March 21. The duo, who placed top-eight at the CWL Atlanta Open in February, were in search of two new players and a new home– a search that has now ended quickly.

Joseph “Destiny” DeLillo and Seth “Glory” Donskey will be joining Prophet and FA5TBALLA on Carbon Six in preparation for the second season of the CWL Global Pro League and CWL Anaheim, both of which will take place in June.

Christopher “Glaz” James, the CEO of Carbon Six, is excited about the potential of his new Call of Duty team.

“The team vigorously tried out multiple players and these two just came together over the last week,” Glaz said. “We left the roster decision up to FA5TBALLA and Prophet, and we’re more than confident in their decision. These guys are here to win, and they are very determined.”

Not much is known about Glory– but that’s because he’s only 17 years old. Glaz wasn’t sure about Glory’s exact birthday, but he said that Glory will be 18 by the time he debuts at Anaheim.

“His online placements speak for themselves, and he has played exceptionally well so far,” Glaz said.

Destiny most notably played with eUnited’s twin duo of Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson and Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson on Apotheon Esports toward the end of the Black Ops III season, and has competed with Most Wanted and Wise Gaming during Infinite Warfare.

FA5TBALLA and Prophet have both been competing since Call of Duty: Ghosts, but their top-eight finish with Pnda Gaming in Atlanta was definitely the most impressive accomplishment of their career so far. These two veterans will need to take on a leadership role in order to help Carbon Six qualify for the second season of the CWL Global Pro League.

“They’ve just been grinding non-stop so far,” Glaz said. “From the time they wake up until they go to bed, they have been eating, sleeping and breathing Call of Duty.”

Prophet and FA5TBALLA each have just over 20,000 CWL pro points, Major League Gaming’s ranking system for professional players. It will be important for this new roster to place well in the online 2K tournaments so that Carbon Six can get as many points as possible to increase their ranking heading into Anaheim in two months.