PlayStation Invitational Day 2 Recap

Missed any of the action on the final day of the PlayStation Invitational? You may have missed a lot, but we'll try to get you up to speed.

With upsets galore on the second day of play, an old favorite rose above the rest to take home the PlayStation Invitational title and the largest share of the $20,000 prize pool.

FaZe Clan will be walking out of the event with a nice payday, as well as the right to say that they won the first Call of Duty LAN in the Infinite Warfare era.

Here is how today’s matches shaped up:

Group Stage Losers Finals

Orbit eSport EU vs. Renegades

Trei “Zer0” Morris probably had the best morning breakfast of his life, as he went off in both game one (31 kills, 5 defends) and game three (33 kills, 22 deaths) to help Orbit sweep Renegades out of the tournament.

This series was not really considered a close one, as Renegades was just out-played in every sense by the European side.

Game One: Hardpoint – Scorch

Game Final: ORB 250 – 97 RNG

Match Score: ORB 1 – 0 RNG

Game Two: Search and Destroy – Throwback

Game Final: ORB 6 – 1 RNG

Match Score: ORB 2 – 0 RNG

Game Three: Uplink – Frost

Game Final: ORB 6 – 1 RNG

Match Final: ORB 3 – 0 RNG

Group Stage Losers Finals

Elevate EU vs. Rise Nation

Well, this day got a lot more interesting after the first game in this series…

The teams traded games back and forth, with Rise handedly taking the only Uplink of the series thanks to a 31 kill and three point game by Tyler “FeLonY” Johnson.

In game five, though, Rise absolutely destroyed Elevate, crushing them thanks to Ulysses “Aqua” Silva’s perfect 10-0 performance.

Besides that complete domination, this series was close for the European side, but sadly, the finals were only big enough for one European team to move on.

Game One: Hardpoint – Scorch

Game Final: Rise 250 – 249 Elv

Match Score: Rise 1 – 0 Elv

Game Two: Search and Destroy – Retaliation

Game Final: Elv 6 – 4 Rise

Match Score: Elv 1 – 1 Rise

Game Three: Uplink – Frost

Game Final: Rise 8 – 2 Elv

Match Score: Rise 2 – 1 Elv

Game Four: Hardpoint – Throwback

Game Final: Elv 250 – 216 Rise

Match Score: Elv 2 – 2 Rise

Game Five: Search and Destroy – Crusher

Game Final: Rise 6 – 0 Elv

Match Final: Rise 3 – 2 Elv


Luminosity Gaming vs. Orbit eSport EU

To sum up this series in one image for Luminosity:

Pure, unadulterated disappointment from LG, as the Europeans made their way into the finals by blowing out Luminosity in all three games.

There was no clear MVP for Orbit, as ZeR0 had 43 kills and one minute and 43 seconds of hill time in game one, Rhys “Rated” Price had three plants, seven kills and the best K/D in game two, and David “Urban” Marsh was lights out with 34 kills and two captures in game three.

Game One: Hardpoint – Breakout

Game Final: ORB 250 – 199 LG

Match Score: ORB 1 – 0 LG

Game Two: Search and Destroy – Retaliation

Game Final: ORB 6 – 1 LG

Match Score: ORB 2 – 0 LG

Game Three: Uplink – Frost

Game Final: ORB 8 – 1 LG

Match Final: ORB 3 – 0 LG


FaZe Clan vs. Rise Nation

FeLonY had the audacity to have a 13 kill game in the only Search and Destroy contest, but the slaying power of Rise could not match the objective prowess of FaZe.

Ian “Enable” Wyatt sat on hills like it was his job in game one, taking in 2:16 of hardpoint time and getting 15 defensive kills. Unfortunately for him, his team beat Rise too fast for him even to get to the minute mark in the final game of the series, but he may not be too worried about that.

Game One: Hardpoint – Breakout

Game Final: FaZe 250 – 209 Rise

Match Score: FaZe 1 – 1 RN

Game Two: Search and Destroy – Retaliation

Game Final: Rise 6 – 3 FaZe

Match Score: Rise 1 – 1 FaZe

Game Three: Uplink – Throwback

Game Final: FaZe 6 – 4 Rise 

Match Score: FaZe 2 – 1 Rise

Game Four: Hardpoint – Retaliation

Game Final: FaZe 250 – 101 Rise

Match Final: FaZe 3 – 1 Rise


FaZe Clan vs. Orbit eSport EU

Admit it, you were cheering for the European underdogs to take home a victory over the clear favorite of this tournament.

If you were, then you should know that storybook endings only live on paper, and FaZe was able to wake up after a loss in game one. 

But, in game four, magic happened:

That incredible last minute comeback was the reason why FaZe became the champions at this event, and just proves that no lead is safe in Call of Duty.

Game One: Hardpoint – Scorch

Game Final: ORB 250 – 198 FaZe

Match Score: ORB 1 – 0 FaZe

Game Two: Search and Destroy – Crusher

Game Final: FaZe 6 – 4 ORB

Match Score: FaZe 1 – 1 ORB

Game Three: Uplink – Precinct

Game Final: FaZe 10 – 6 ORB

Match Score: FaZe 2 – 1 ORB

Game Four: Hardpoint – Breakout

Game Final: FaZe 250 – 245 ORB

Match Final: FaZe 3 – 1 ORB

Finally, here are the final placings from this event:

  • 1st:
    • FaZe Clan
  • 2nd:
    • Orbit eSport EU
  • 3rd-4th:
    • Rise Nation
    • Luminosity Gaming
  • 5th-6th:
    • Elevate EU
    • Renegades
  • 7th-8th:
    • Evil Geniuses
    • eUnited

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