Overwatch Winter Premiere Finals Preview

Immortals will take on Ghost Gaming in the finals of the first Overwatch Winter Premiere. The two teams have been the top two throughout the tournament and now will face off for the finals.

Immortals will take on Ghost Gaming in the final of the Overwatch Winter Premiere. After multiple stages of competition, these two teams have made it to the final stage and will play for the title in front of the PAX South crowd. Both teams won their semifinal series in a 3-0 sweep, Immortals against Luminosity and Ghost against compLexity.

Over the course of the tournament, Immortals and Ghost Gaming have played each other three times. The first time was in a qualifier for the tournament and Immortals won 2-1 over Ghost Gaming. The second time was in the first stage of round-robin play, when Ghost Gaming handed Immortals its first and only loss in that stage in a 2-0 sweep. Finally, the two teams met again in the second stage of round-robin play and Immortals won yet again 2-1. This brings the overall series record to 2-1 in Immortals’ favor, with the map record tied at 4-4.

Immortals – Keys to Success

One important aspect of Immortals’ play is the DPS duo of Christopher GrimReality Schaefer and Brady Agilities Girardi. These two players have played great during the tournament and fantastic in their semifinal series. In order for Immortals to win the final, these two players must have great performances and the team has to put them in a situation in which they can succeed. Another key to success is defensive play. Immortals has been able to hold teams from reaching critical point on the map, and will need to continue doing so against Ghost.

Key Player – Zac Chance Palmer

With his status as a stand-in, Chance may be exploited due to the fact he was not a Reinhardt player when he used to play for Immortals. Chance has been the coach for Immortals during the team’s run at the Winter Premiere, but due to visa issues involving their main tank David nomy Ramirez, Chance had to ste[ in and play. As long as Chance can keep the team safe, he should be fine, but he is potential area that Ghost Gaming can use to their advantage.

Ghost Gaming – Keys to Success

Ghost Gaming has surprised teams by having amazing offensive play and quickly taking points before the enemy team can settle in. They must keep up this stellar offensive play against a stiff Immortals defense in order to take a series victory. In Ghost’s semifinals match against compLexity, Andrej “babybay” Francisty had two key plays on Soldier: 76 to help his to a map victory. If the team wants to beat Immortals, babybay needs to have another great performance like he did against compLexity.

Key Player – Michael “mykL” Padilla

MykL has been a leader for his team, but with D.Va receiving strong nerfs in the latest patch, and that being the hero mykL played the most during the tournament, he will have to find new champions to play at a strong level. Against compLexity, mykL played a very strong Tracer and if he can do that again against Immortals, along with babybay putting out a consistent DPS, Ghost Gaming has a good shot at winning.

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