This six-year-old got the Overwatch birthday party of our dreams

We're already planning our next birthday party.

It’s official. There’s a six-year-old kid in Texas who got the best birthday party ever—an Overwatch-themed birthday party.

Images posted to Twitter by the girl’s father show scenes from the Overwatch bash: A two-tiered Overwatch cake surrounded by vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, D.Va and Tracer goodie bags, Pachimari table decorations, and one happy birthday girl.

“Thank you for making such an amazing game,” Twitter user vault_boy101 wrote. “My daughter picked the theme herself.”

The party even got the attention of Symmetra voice actress Anjali Bhimani, who tweeted that it’s a party she, too, would have loved to attend.

Though Bhimani and our invites seemed to have gotten lost in the mail, we’re willing to contribute our best ideas. We’re thinking a bounce house designed to look like the Eichenwalde castle and a whole bunch of Overwatch cosplayers. Who wants a pony anymore when you can have D.Va’s mech? And if you’re feeling generous, there’s an option to add a mechanical Orisa for kids to ride around on.