OTK Rift 2 $25,000 tournament: Teams, live scores, and winner

OTK Rift 2's action covered here.

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OTK Rift 2 is a one-day League of Legends tournament taking place on Sept. 16 that will feature eight teams of five popular streamers, each led by a respective team captain. Hosted by OTK and Starforge PCs, the competing teams will clash on Summoner’s Rift for a winner-take-all $25,000 prize pool.

Featuring some of the most prevalent content creators in livestreaming, the event will be split into two distinctive phases. The first will be a group stage, where two groups of four teams will compete in a single round-robin. The top two teams from each group will then move on to the playoff stage, while the bottom two are completely eliminated from the tournament.

The playoff stage will see the final four teams battle in a single elimination bracket in best-of-three series.

Here are the scores and standings from OTK Rift 2.

OTK Rift 2 live results

Group stage

Group AGroup B
Team Sodapoppin (2-1)Team Filian (3-0)
Team Tectone (2-1)Team Clint (1-2)
Team Buddha (1-2)Team Ludwig (1-2)
Team CrazySlick (0-2)Team Mizkif(1-2)

By the end of the group stage, Group B had a three-way tie for second place with Teams Clint, Ludwig, and Mizkif all finishing 1-2. Instead of playing any tie-breaker games to sort out the standings, tournament operators awarded the second seed from Group B to the team with the fastest average game time.

Ultimately, Team Sodapoppin, Tectone, Filian, and Clint all moved on to the playoff brackets.



Team Clint Stevens defeats Team Sodapoppin

Team Filian defeats Team Tectone


Team Filian defeats Team Clint Stevens (2-1)

Who won OTK Rift 2?

After ending their respective group undefeated, Team Filian marched through the playoffs to eventually win the OTK Rift 2 crown. When reigning champions Team Buddha were unexpectedly eliminated in the group stage, the elimination bracket appeared more open than initially expected for a Filian run.

Meeting Team Clint Stevens in the finals, Team Filian was faced with its most difficult hurdle yet. Though Team Filian easily took game one in under 25 minutes, Team Clint Stevens proved to have more resolve than initially expected. On the backfoot for much of game two, Lacari snuck into Team Filian’s base with a backdoor teleport that awarded his team the equalizing victory.

In the third and final game of the series, Teams Clint and Filian went blow-for-blow in team fights. Neither team was able to build up any significant lead through gold, kills, or objectives even into the later stages of the brawl. An opportunistic call by Team Filian saw the team’s top-laner teleport into Team Clint’s base while the team was preoccupied with the Elder Dragon, quickly taking out the opposing nexus and winning Team Filian the tournament.