Three players remain on Origen as Tabzz departs

The team was recently relegated from the EU LCS.

Origen’s roster is now down to three players, as the squad has lost its second player in a week’s time.

Following the conclusion of the European League of Legends Championship Series’ Spring Split, which saw Origen relegated from the league, AD carry Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert has departed the team. The announcement comes only six days after former Origen top laner, Max “Satorius” Günther, left the roster.

Plays like this always kept OG on tenuous footing during the regular season.

Tabzz has had a hard time living up to the success he experienced in 2014. Considered to be one of the best players in the entire league, Tabzz attended the 2014 League World Championship with Alliance. But despite qualifying off of a nearly perfect season, the team was eliminated in the group stage of the event, after losing against the Brazilian wildcard team KaBum— a match that’s still considered to be one of the biggest upsets in competitive League history.

Despite being considered one of the top teams in the league in 2015, the team’s last two splits in the EU LCS saw them struggle immensely throughout the regular seasons. While the team was able to avoid relegation following the 2016 Summer Split, Origen’s struggles worsened in 2017. Unable to secure a single victory throughout the regular season, making it the worst performance out of any team in the league’s history, Origen lost both series they played in the Summer Split’s promotion tournament and were relegated from the EU LCS.

It remains to be seen whether or not Origen will field a roster to compete in the European Challenger Series, or if the organization will sell its slot in the league.