Orbit Wins CWL London, Looks Ahead to CWL Atlanta

Orbit is now your new kings of the EU Region, and the team reflects on the tournament as well as look ahead to CWL Atlanta.

It took two best-of-fives, but Orbit Esports took down a streaking Splyce in a 3-0 sweep to win CWL London.

David “Urban” Marsh, Trei “Zer0” Morris, Joe “Joee” Pinnington, and Rhys “Rated” Price were happy to take down the “God Squad” of Splyce, as well as teams that they struggled against in online matches.

“We played back to back 2k’s and played them for months. We placed top four and losing out to teams that we beat today. It’s a great feeling that we managed to come back, even if down one series, and getting the W,” Urban said.

“The first series was awful, we had the same map as the first time we played them, which was just stupid by whoever put them there,” Joee said with the whole team laughing behind him. “So the second time we played them, they didn’t know what we were doing.”

Although they took home the event, the entire Orbit team agreed that they will head back to the film room and look over respawn game modes, as they know that they struggled in Uplink and Hardpoint throughout the event.

“Scorch and Precinct Uplink are our main concern. Even though we won the maps, it is still two of our worst maps,” Zer0 said.

“This whole weekend, it was me for the first few days, we always had someone slacking in slaying for respawn. So that’s why we were losing them,” Rated said.

“The only map we actually slayed was Precinct Uplink,” Joee added.

Looking ahead to CWL Atlanta, the team is split on expectations, as some are happy to automatically place better than they did in Vegas, where they lost in the Open Bracket, while others are confident in their ability to win it all.

“We already placed better than our last event, which was top 36, so we are guarenteed top 20. But we are going to top the European teams at Atlanta,” Urban said.

“We’re going to win the event. If we are not going to win the event, there is no point going,” said Joee.

“Exactly what Joee said. What’s the point of competing if you say ‘Yeah, top four is good!’ There is no point in it. We got to go in looking to win every event and see what we can do,” Rated said.

Orbit will go into CWL Atlanta $10,000 richer and with 20,000 extra pro points in the bag, and qualify for the group stage of play along with Splyce, Infused, Fnatic, Elevate and Team 3G.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter – @TheJamesMattone.

Photo Credit: Tyler Lench