OG’s JerAx to start streaming tomorrow

It's not going to be Dota 2, but something he's been "working on"

Photo via Valve

JerAx is making a return to the limelight tomorrow, not as a Dota 2 player but as a streamer to show off “something new,” the former OG player announced today.

The reigning two-time The International champion has remained retired from competition unlike fellow OG veteran Ceb, even admitting that he’s been “quiet” lately. JerAx will instead return to streaming tomorrow to show off a project that he’s been “working on” and is “extremely excited” about.

JerAx’s most recent involvement with esports is a minor tournament win in VALORANT held for the Finnish community. The retired Finnish star has also made appearances on Gorgc’s stream occasionally, usually when the streamer elects to commentate over OG’s pro matches.

The details remain scarce, but fans will be glad that the legendary roamer is making a return to video games in some capacity. There isn’t a long wait for the grand reveal, either.

JerAx will start streaming tomorrow at 6am CT, so ardent followers might need to set an alarm clock.