Under any name, LG Evil dominates: Overwatch Carbon Series Week 3 Recap

After the third week of play, teams have played at least one series against each opponent.

Not much changed after the third week of play in the Carbon Series online tournament. Hammers was brought under the Luminosity Gaming organization, while other teams continue to experiment with rosters in an attempt to find the right fit.

Standings (series record followed by map record in parenthesis)

First: LG Evil 6-0 (18-3)

Second: Renegades 4-1 (14-6)

Third: compLexity 3-3 (9-13)

Fourth: Immortals 2-3 (9-10)

Fifth: LG Loyal 1-5 (10-17)

Sixth: Team Liquid 1-5 (6-17)

Luminosity Gaming Evil

Despite their change of organizations between matches, what is now the LG Evil roster continues their strong performances and dominance in the Carbon Series. With possibly more resources now that they are a part of Luminosity, the team’s play may get even better. With the results from this past week, LG Evil has locked in a playoff spot.

Their first series against Immortals was an incredibly dominant one, despite Immortals’ strength as a roster. From the onset of the first map, LG Evil had control of the game and the series with only a few minor mistakes. LG Evil cleanly swept the series 3-0.

LG Evil had the same result against compLexity with another 3-0 sweep. Though compLexity has been on a recent surge, LG Evil held strong to shut them down like they did last series against coL. LG Evil has not dropped a single map against them.

Jake JAKE Lyon is still the monster of a player that he has been throughout the entire tournament, while Rasheeq train Rahman is becoming a great supplemental carry to JAKE and brought out some unique picks. Both times LG Evil played Temple of Anubis, Train picked up Sombra on the second point of defense and helped his team secure the map.


Renegades has stayed in second place in the standings, with many solid performances. Though they have played well, only dropping one series, some of their series haven’t been overwhelmingly convincing.

Their first series was played against a struggling Team Liquid roster. Renegades started off strong but Liquid brought it close. Renegades managed to win 3-1 but some of the maps were tight and Liquid could have picked up more wins and perhaps the series victory.Renegades did not play their second series against Immortals due to a power outage and the game will be rescheduled for a later date.

Liam Mangachu Campbell is unarguably the carry of the team, but always needs support for his play. In the series they played against Liquid, Jonathan Sherlockey Davis was the great support Mangachu needed, while Sherlockey also made plays of his own on Ana with clutch Sleep Darts and Biotic Grenades.

compLexity Gaming

After a slow start to the season, compLexity pulled it together last week and managed to win both of their series. coL is still in a constant state of flux due to the team rotating two players in their roster each week without a solid starting-six.

Their first series was a blowout against LG Evil. compLexity failed to win a single map and fell to the first-place team 3-0. compLexity still had some glimpses of hope in the series but failed to capitalize on their chances.

Their series against the other Luminosity team, LG Loyal, was a tight series that went to all five maps. The two teams fought back and forth trading maps, but compLexity reigned supreme, winning the series. The difference between the two teams was the ability to strongly close out the points they needed to.

New player Herman Nesh Kobrin became the Genji player that compLexity was missing on their roster. He provided an extra layer of depth to their roster. Though the team has climbed to third in the standings from last, only last week was a convincing one for coL and the team will need to sort out its roster before the playoffs come.


Immortals was only able to play one series due to their second series being postponed against Renegades. Immortals has fallen a bit since their win at the Overwatch Winter Premiere, but they are still one of the strongest NA teams.

Their one series was against LG Evil on the first day of matches for the third week. It was a dominant 3-0 for LG Evil and Immortals struggled to get anything going in the series, as LG Evil was too dominant for Immortals to overcome.

Brady Agilities Girardi has still been a strong player for the team but something has been lacking on their roster that gives them the edge over their opponents. Immortals will need to find their footing as they find themselves in fourth place and close to missing out on the playoffs.

Luminosity Gaming Loyal

Luminosity Gaming has been renamed to LG Loyal after the organization picked up the Hammers Esports roster. LG Loyal has been in a state similar to Immortals where they lack that extra depth that can help them win maps and series.

In their first series against Team Liquid, LG Loyal narrowly lost 3-2. LG Loyal played Liquid extremely close, but again, lacked the edge that could have won them that third map in the series. It was a similar result against compLexity for LG Loyal as they lost again 3-2.

In their series against compLexity, LG Loyal used two new players in an attempt to change up their roster and experiment. Jeremy HqrdestDanton and Marcus RealzxVining replaced Arthur Eissfeldt Marx and Vytis MineralLasaitis respectively. Hqrdest had some good performances but not good enough to win the series.

Alexandre SPREE Vanhomwegen has continued to be a solid rock for the team with great crucial plays in certain situations to take a point or a map. Toni Ube Häkli has been the star for the team, though especially with his play on Roadhog and Genji.

Team Liquid

Though Team Liquid is still towards the bottom of the table, there was a lot of improvement from the roster as they have had more time to practice with Robert shadder2k Mocanu. Their series for the week would tell different stories as they played a team from the top of the table and a team from the bottom.

Liquid’s first series came against LG Loyal, which was in fifth place from last week and right above Liquid in the standings. The series went all five games and Liquid emerged victorious 3-2 after the long match. Through most of their maps, Liquid tended to have a strong offense while failing a bit on defense. DaHang was crucial in their win on the fifth map of Hollywood.

In their second series, Liquid played the second place team in Renegades and fell short of the level of the strong team. Renegades won the series 3-1 but it could have easily been 3-2. Team Liquid came close to winning Oasis and Eichenwalde, but just couldn’t close out the matches or get the final push to win the map.

One player that stepped up big this week was tank player Adam MESRDe La Torre. MESR had some game-changing ultimates and impactful kills that helped his team massively. With more experience in the team, Shadder2k has continued to impress and has become Liquid’s main threat.

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